Step 1

What kind of racket are you interested in?

  • Control

    Shahier making a shot

    Control rackets are lightweight, flexible, and head-light or neutral balanced.

  • Power

    Power squash


    Power rackets are lightweight, rigid, and head-heavy to help generate maximum force on the ball.

  • Junior

    'Children playing squash

    Fabio Bruna

    Junior rakcets have a shortened length to help promote proper technique for younger players.

  • Beginner

    'Squash racket and ball


    Beginner rackets have a good natural balance and offer a little extra weight to help generate power.

  • Doubles

    Doubles squash


    Doubles rackets are rigid and heavier to help counteract the heavier doubles ball.

  • All rackets

    A collection of squash rackets

    Browse all types of rackets!

Step 2

What is your budget?